“Some humans avoid silence just as they fear solitude; others

cultivate both and create beauty.”

~ Elizabeth Mowry

Books and Articles

Elizabeth is the author of The Pastelist’s Year, The Poetic Landscape, and Landscape Meditations published by Watson-Guptill Publications and her work appears in more than fifty instructional books and magazines.  Below is information regarding her books and published articles.

“To guide you through nature’s changing patterns, each of the four seasonal chapters contains clear, step-by-step demonstrations showing how to achieve the painterly effects that light up these instructive pages filled with a master pastelist’s inspiring work.  This book covers all the fundamentals of the medium.”

©2001 Watson-Guptill Publications/New York

160 pages and 220 color illustrations

9 ¼” x 9 ¼”

Review of The Pastelist’s Year, Amazon.com

“One of the very best!  This book opened up new worlds for me.   I find Elizabeth Mowry to be very sharing, knowledgeable and willing to show how she achieves certain passages in her paintings.  I wish I could thank her personally for her very inspirational book.  I have also given her book to friends and they all love it.”

“Authoritative, sensitive, and beautifully written, The Poetic Landscape is the first book of its kind, one that leads the reader into a peaceful, fresh, and deeply meaningful world. Everyone who appreciates sublime depictions of the natural world will relish this contemporary exploration of what constitutes the poetic in landscape painting today. Artists will be drawn to the author’s thoughtful words on color, composition, and subject matter.  Viewers will be illuminated by her insights into the psychological role the genre plays in our lives.”

©2001 Watson-Guptill Publications/New York

160 pages and 100 color illustrations

9 ¼” x 9 ¼”

Review of The Poetic Landscape, Amazon.com

“A beautiful book.  I found that this book was one of the best art books that I have read in a long time.  Ms. Mowry’s insights into poetic landscape will stay with you.  The paintings illustrated are beautiful and express the meaning of poetic landscape.  This is a great book for artists looking to make their own statement.  It will become one of your most read books.”

“Sublime.  I became lost in this book.  Better than any “how to” book on painting landscapes.  Mowry opens one’s mind to the poetry and philosophy of creating great art.  The time spent reading this book is like attending a very, very good workshop where one learns to paint with his or her heart.”

“The underlining abstract in all of the chapters of this book is a thoughtful inquiry into when and whether a subject is worthy of painting it.  Elizabeth Mowry’s previous books, The Pastelist’s Year and The Poetic Landscape, addressed the questions of “how to paint” and “why?”  In Landscape Meditations, the trilogy comes full circle, with inspiration for artists of all levels as they thoughtfully consider “what” to paint in any medium.”

©2005 Watson-Guptill Publications/New York

160 pages and 208 color illustrations

9 ¼” x 9 ¼”

Praise for Landscape Meditations from Back Cover of the Book

What a gorgeous treasure of a book!  Elizabeth Mowry’s exceedingly insightful and generously personal ruminations on landscape painting_liberally laced with her luminous paintings_ will delight artists, art lovers, and nature lovers.  I found the ‘Thoughts: Artist to Artist’ inspiring for a writer as well:  ‘Pay attentions to what attracts you,’ says Mowry, and ‘Pursuit of subtlety is not for the weak hearted. ’Indeed!  Landscape Meditations will help you recognize those ‘sanctified places of most intrigue’ in your own life.”

~ Gail Godwin, Writer

“The high level of excellence in Elizabeth Mowry’s pastel landscapes is well recognized and appreciated by artists and art lovers, but in these “Landscape Meditations” we are introduced to another aspect of her poetic imagination:  she is an accomplished writer whose prose lyrically enhances the meditative nature of her work.”

~ H.N. Levitt, Playwright

“Elizabeth Mowry paints the most sensitive of paintings and shows me all so clearly the lovely world she lives in.  What I see in her paintings is the beauty and spirituality that is…Elizabeth.”

~ Albert Handell, Author of “Painting the Landscape in Pastel”

“Huston Smith said, “What distinguishes sacred art is the window it opens onto another world…a world that is vaster, stronger, more real, and more beautiful than the world we normally encounter.’  So for me, your book is a prayer.”

~ Olaf Hillestad, Professor Emeritus, State University of New York

“Landscape Meditations is, in every respect, a sweet masterpiece.”

~ Patricia Anderson, Writer


© 2010-2016 Elizabeth Mowry, All Rights Reserved.

Selected List of Articles and Book Chapters

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